Make Your Zoom Teeth Whitening Results Lasts! Find Out How…


One of the most common treatments in cosmetic dentistry today is Zoom Teeth Whitening.

Who doesn’t want a brighter, healthy-looking smile?

A smile is one of the first things people notice and a confident, radiant smile can leave a lasting impression on those we meet.

It’s no secret we love Zoom Teeth Whitening at Dakabin Dental, not only because of the immediate results but also the confidence it brings to our patients.

If you have recently undergone Zoom teeth whitening or are thinking about it, you may be wondering how long the results last and how to extend the life of your newly white teeth…

Keep reading to find out!

So how long does teeth whitening last?

Unfortunately, the answer is it depends.

The effects can last anywhere from 6 months to up to 2 years, varying from person to person and largely depends on how well you care for your teeth.

Teeth Whitening and Filling Treatment

As a general rule of thumb, our patients come in for an annual Zoom whitening treatment.

There are definitely some things we recommend avoiding in order to extend the life of your teeth whitening.

Things that will stain your teeth quickly and make your whitening short-lived include:

  • Smoking
  • Dark liquids (coffee, tea and red wine addicts, we are looking at you)
  • Staining foods like beetroot and berries

We wouldn’t dare to advise our patients to cut these out completely…

After all, we love a good glass of red and warm cup of coffee as much as the next person!

But we do recommend avoiding these staining foods as much as possible.

Or, and here us out, drinking dark liquids through a straw. No? Ok, fair enough ;). 

Brushing your teeth twice a day will also help to keep your teeth whitening noticeable for as long as possible as well as getting regular check up and cleans every 6 months.

At Dakabin, our Zoom Teeth Whitening comes with a take home kit post treatment, we highly recommend following this rigorously to ensure you get the most out of your treatment.

If you would like to enquire about our Zoom Teeth Whitening, send us a message on Instagram by clicking here. 

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